October 2019   Lake Tshakajärvi with Mt. Saana on the left                                  photo © by Mona Higuchi                                                         
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•••New Video Work- from Northern Norway Oct 2022•••
sounds of water forming Ice Lake Tshakajärvi,   Kilpisjärvi Finland, October 2019
Brooklet, June 2019, below Mt. Saana,   Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Arctic Transitions 3: in the Age of Carbon     Finland, Norway, Russia & Sweden
Old Growth Forest, Hyytiälä, Finland  200 year-old trees at a forestry station
Video & Installation-Arctic Ants at Work   Installation version, San Cesario di Lecce



Links to Earlier work below
Vineyards, the Danube and Carbon Fiber Rods    Krems Austria, 2014
Travelon Gamelon-amplified bicycles
Soldering Piezo Disks & Schematics        Walkman Pro Cassette Delay 
Fences/Borders-USA/Mexico at Museum of World Culture Gothenberg, Sweden
Relocation:   Alaska           Half Lives Nuclear Waste             Hoover: Water | Power
Transducer Series Films          Transducer Series Videos        Early 3/4" TD Video
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